Thursday, 16 November 2017

Koru patterns

Year 1 students drew koru shapes onto card which was cut out and used later as a stencil.  Each child had a large piece of paper in which they applied paint to and then using coloured PVA paint in bottles  drew spirals and dots. Their stencil was then used on  the dried paper.  The koru shapes were cut out and glued onto black backing. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017


Year 4's looked at shapes and patterns consistent with a wooden Taniwha.  They divided their page into 4 parts, the first section needed to be filled with the brows, the second was the eyes and nose, the third was the mouth and the final section had the arms.  We added patterning to the art work and applied brown dye to the face. Other colours were selected for the patterns and mouth.  Black vivd pen was used to highlight lines and thicker lines emphasised the nose, mouth and eyes.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Year 3 students used different types of cardboard to produce their faces.  They added the eye colour with watercolour paints and acrylic paint for the lips. Each was glued onto the inside of a box for display.


Year 5 students sketched many different shells and used black vivid to outline first.  They used cotton buds and dye to colour the shell.  White crayon was used to show the light source.  

Lighthouse bags

Year 4 students drew and painted lighthouses.  They were covered with varnish at the end and glued onto A3 paper bags to display.  The bags give the artwork an 3D effect.


Year 1 students painted the background of their A3 page with blue dye.  They then used water colour paints to cover pages from old books.  Once they were dried they drew their houses, trees and clouds onto the sheets and glued them onto the background.  Black vivid was used to outline the work.


Year 2 students used a variety of materials such as cardboard, milk bottle tops and foam shapes to make their robot.  The finished robot was sprayed in silver paint.